#mapmyedu: Create a Venn Diagram in Canva

If you are interested in creating a relational map, Canva has a great chart making tool that will allow you to generate a venn diagram.

Check it out here to get started.

According to Canva.com, you can create a Venn Diagram in just a few steps:

  1. Create a new Canva account.
  2. Choose a template and click on the text and images to start customizing your diagram.
  3. Customize details like colors and fonts.
  4. Choose from a range of graph elements, like frames, shapes, and lines.
  5. Save and share.

Start by clicking the new design button.

Green "Start Designing a Venn Diagram" button

Go ahead and watch the short intro sequence:

23 Second Guide to Beautiful Design in Canva

Take a look at the templates, if there is one that you think works perfectly for you go ahead and make your map. However, if you feel that none of them quite work, you can either build your own by clicking on the elements tap on the left side of the screen or revising one of the pre-existing layouts.

If you decide to build your own, Canva has instructions on how to add shapes/lines and also how to change their size/opacity/color.

If you choose the route of editing a pre-existing layout, we have some recommendations on the ones that lend themselves best to adjustment as circles can be separated, copied/pasted, or shapes added:

  • Human development
    Free Canva venn diagram template called Human Development
  • Dietgram
    Free Canva venn diagram template called Dietgram
  • Success
    Free Canva venn diagram template called SUCCESS
  • Values Driven Organizations
    Free Canva venn diagram template called Values Driven Organizations

Feel free to play around with it! When you’re done share your map and tag #mapmyedu!